Ryan Dempster Channels Chris Farley at Cubs Convention

Ryan Dempster has got to be one of the coolest guys in baseball. No, not because he’s a fellow Canadian. Last night at the Cubs Convention, he did a comedy shtick a la David Letterman. Some of the hi-lights included a bang up Chris Farley SNL scene as “Matt Foley” motivational speaker.

He burned Jake Arrieta with a no hitter joke as compared to Jon Lester and hit wiffle balls with Anthony Rizzo. Yes, Ryan Dempster has a future in comedy. When asked about the routine, Ryan said,

“I did it in Boston in 2001 for my dad because we go to comedy clubs together and he was there for Father’s Day. I asked the club owner, and it so happened I was on his fantasy team, so he said no problem. I did eight minutes. I was with Florida then, and the guy on stage before me said to make a local reference to win them over. They were doing the Big Dig [a massive highway construction project] then, and I was like, ‘It’s good to be in Boston. I’ve noticed the Big Dig’–everybody cheers–‘and I’ve seen the official state tree of Massachusetts, the three-foot orange cone.”

It’s good to see the light hearted approach the Cubs are taking going into the season. If anything, this year is for the fans. However, apparently some fans decided to boo Edwin Jackson, which isn’t cool. Yeah, he had a bad season last year but I’m sure that he doesn’t need to be reminded of that. C’mon guys, give him a break.

Believe it!



  1. Gary Trujillo · January 17, 2015

    Hilarious! Thanks for sharing this.


    • Mark Gauthier · January 17, 2015

      Yeah, I thought it was awesome. I wish I could be there but representing from the Great White Northside of Canada!


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