If The Cubs Were A Screenplay, They’d Be Oscar Winners

Jon LesterHammel jake-arrieta-mlb-chicago-cubs-boston-red-sox-850x560

A baseball rotation has a lot in common with a screenplay. In a screenplay, there are major components that go into having a well executed script. For example, a Main Character, Supporting Character, Set-ups and Pay offs. Plot points, A Stories and B Stories, and Midpoints.

This is a season that will be filled with movie links a la Back To The Future 2 references and predictions.

Without further adieu, here’s our Main Character:

  • Jon Lester-The signing of Lester provided the much needed depth and a bona fide Main Character, leading guy and star power. At a signing of a whopping six year/ $155 million, there’s no question where he’s going to be in the rotation. The World Series experience helps too.
  • Jake Arrieta– Arrieta was brilliant for the Cubs last season and deserves to be second in the rotation. Does he deserve to share equal billing on the poster? You bet. Going 10-5 with a 2.53 ERA and 1 complete game. A superstar in the making.
  • Jason Hammel- Bringing back Hammel is the equivalent of a sequel. With an ERA of 2.98 last year,he’s got the tools to bring support to Lester.
  • Kyle Hendricks- Last season was the B Story. In a script it would be the love story or buddy story. We go to see the main character, but it’s this guy who is the scene stealer. Last year, “The Kyle Hendricks Experience” was the sleeper hit of the season. Going 7-2 and an ERA of 2.46 and 80 innings pitched, I can’t wait to see his full season.
  • Travis Wood– 2015 will be Travis Wood’s comeback film. He struggled last season, but a true workhorse with 173 innings clocked, he’s like the Morgan Freeman of baseball. Sure, he’s had some failures but this season could be Travis’ Shawshank Redemption.

Of course Edwin Jackson’s box office disasters have put question marks into where he’ll fit into the plans of the Cubs this year. Will he be traded? Will he end up in the bullpen? He could be the pay off to this exciting Cubs screenplay. The Cubs aren’t providing spoilers.

The real question on everybody’s minds is if the Cubs stay healthy in the mid season, could they end as potential candidates come award season?

The depth of the Cubs is staggering. Like a well crafted screenplay, they have their set up men that will surely provide pay offs in October, which incidentally occurs at the same time as Oscar season.

Just like the Chicago Cubs have their mojo and and so called curses, Chinatown is considered to be one of the finest examples of a well crafted screenplay in the history of motion pictures. If this is the case, the sequel to Chinatown was The Two Jakes.

The Cubs have their Three J’s

Believe it

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