Steve Bartman, Where are you? The Cubs Need You

Chicago Cubs, Steve Bartman

Here’s a scenario:

What if the Cubs don’t win it all this year? Back to the Future Part 2 was just fantasy and the Cubs finish at the bottom of the National League Central division.

What if?

It’s certainly a possibility that we should consider. Yeah, I’ll be disappointed along with Cubs fans all over the world but should the Cubs finish dead last what would happen then? Could the mighty team of Jed Hoyer and Theo Epstein be canned? Would Joe Maddon be sent his walking papers and cycle all the way back to Florida?

This very well could happen and we should prepare for it.

The expectations are mighty and the Cubs certainly have the tools to make it to the post season at the very least, but I’m not expecting a World Series championship. No, my expectations are going to be different.

I’m expecting Javier Baez to hit a few balls out of the park. I’m expecting Anthony Rizzo to carry the torch that Ernie Banks has passed over to him and I’m expecting Kyle Hendricks to prove to the rest of the MLB what Cubs fans all ready know; This guy can be a future Cy Young winner. Jon Lester, Joe Maddon and Dexter Fowler were brought in to do their respective jobs. They won’t let us down, but it’s the rest of the team that needs to anchor it.

Here’s my proposition and it sounds crazy, corny and perhaps loony; but c’mon faithful Canuck Cubbie readers, that freakin’ Goat curse isn’t real.

Honour Steve Bartman.

Invite him back into Wrigley Field with open arms. Have a ceremony on Opening Day, hell maybe he should sing the National Anthem?


It was cruel and mean spirited what some fans did to him that day a long time ago. He didn’t deserve that chastisement that was brought upon him. He didn’t mess up the Cubs chances of a World Series appearance. He was just a fan doing what us fans do best; Grab a piece of history.

So, Steve Bartman, come out of the witness protection program. You see, if there really is a curse on our beloved North Siders, it’s not a Billy Goat being refused entrance; it’s a fan of the greatest team in all of baseball being ushered out by security because he just wanted a souvenir.

Believe it.


  1. Seth Allen · February 12, 2015

    The ESPN 30 for 30 they did on him was very well done. Shame on how the fans treated, liked how they showed Steve Lyons the next night on the Fox Broadcast pointing out just how many other fans were going for the ball.


    • Mark Gauthier · February 12, 2015

      Absolutely! I’ve seen it many times and Steve didn’t do anything that anyone else would have done. It was almost embarrassing how people treated him. Great documentary.


  2. Minoring In Baseball · February 17, 2015

    Mark, I couldn’t agree more with you! Any of us would have done the same thing in Bartman’s situation. Yeah, the ESPN ‘Catching Hell’ was a great program and really shed some light on an ugly situation. What really got me, is one of the other fans that went for the ball then lied about it, saying he ‘pulled away’ at the last second. What a gutless coward! Having Bartman back at Wrigley to a standing ovation would really be something special, imo. Some fans seem to forget that it’s the players the win/lose ballgames.


  3. Chelsea West · February 18, 2015

    You do know me, this is my alias and we were discussing the goat curse on the Cubs. I am glad work has been put in to lift the goat curse, But crazy witches are not to be under estimated. I personally loath when magic interferes with sports. As a witch I just find it not becoming of a good magic practitioner.

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    • Mark Gauthier · February 18, 2015

      Sports and curses do not mix. People aren’t willing to accept that years of losing aren’t attributed to curses but just bad management. I think the Cubs are on the right track. However, the Greek store owner might have known something the rest of us didn’t.


  4. Dave · February 21, 2015

    I am in total agreement. Bartman did not deserve the treatment he received.

    In the emotions of the moment, that play did not appear as it appeared to appear. The emotional moment sealed the fate of Bartman who just happened to be the guy sitting there. It could have been anyone echoing the same move.

    The Cubs didn’t lose the possibility on one play. It takes a season to win or lose.


  5. Mark Gauthier · February 21, 2015

    I think people needed a scapegoat(there’s that damned animal again) Catching Hell was on TSN today. Seriously, I’d be interested to know what Bartman is up to these days.


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  8. Brian · May 5, 2016

    Get Steve back to Wrigley!

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