Cubs Goal Is To Win It All

Kris Bryant, Chicago Cubs, Spring Training, Arizona, #BaseballBegins

Setting goals is great. In fact it’s downright fantastic. Earlier this year, Anthony Rizzo predicted a National League Central crown. Not one to be outdone, but Cubs’ ace Jon Lester went ahead and gave the thumbs up to the be all end all prize of a World Series. Wow, that’s one hell of a lofty goal. It should be expected considering all the cash they paid for him.

This is important to the morale of the team because as the Chicago Cubs begin their quest for baseball’s ultimate prize, where a 90+ in the win column is the most important statistic in achieving this goal, the Cubs have to work together and become a well oiled machine.

Today, the Chicago Cubs are in my son Darcy’s words,”Tossing The Pass” they are warming up before next month’s kickoff to Spring Training games.

I would love to be in Arizona, soaking up that dry desert heat, maybe snagging an autograph like my “Eye in the Sky” Ryan Cox did in getting Kris Bryant’s John Hancock. If you would like to follow his adventures @CoxRyan89 he’s pretty cool.

This is the goal that I’ve set for the season. I’d like to become the Unofficial blog of The Chicago Cubs in Canada. That Great White North Side Bleacher Bum. Yup folks, I want to become that guy.

“We, the Chicago Cubs recognize in good faith that The Canuck Cubbie, is hereby designated Our Unofficial Blogger in Canada. He will represent the organization to the best of his writing abilities. His opinions are his own and do not necessarily reflect those of the organization. However, as we embark on our most anticipated season since the Bush administration, we will take his heartfelt written words as a kind of motivational speech to boost the club’s morale and help end sport’s longest drought.”


Tom Ricketts

So help me achieve this goal. Spread the word. It’s a shameless self promotion, but nothing ventured nothing gained, right?

Also, I would like to unite Cubs fans from Ryan Cox to @bleedcubbieblue Al Yellon. This is the most important season in a long time.

Believe it.


  1. Dave · February 21, 2015

    Do you think Tom Ricketts will listen to someone from Idaho re: Official/Unofficial Canadian blog?

    I’m rooting for you!


  2. Mark Gauthier · February 21, 2015

    Funny you should say that, the Cubs Twitter account anointed me #UnofficialBloggerOfTheCubsInCanada It’s all in good fun, but I’m using it.


  3. Minoring In Baseball · February 23, 2015

    Good luck, Mark. The Cubbies going all the way would be great!


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