Cubs Dream Begins With Respect

I made a comment to my wife yesterday about next week. I told her that next week our lives will change.

Cactus League begins. Baseball ’s back.

Being the Unofficial Blogger of the Cubs in Canada, here is a great shot of @CoxRyan89 at the park in Arizona. In Ryan’s words, Theo was,”A cool guy”

Chicago Cubs, Theo Epstein, #LetsGo, #BaseballBegins

Ryan Cox @CoxRyan89 with Cubs GM Theo Epstein

Today is an exciting day when batters will take pitches from Jon Lester. This is where it all begins folks.

What kind of stuff will Lester bring to the team? Well Javier Baez, Mike Olt and Jorge Soler are going to find out.

This spring will have a lot of question marks attached, especially at third base, the hot corner and boy is it crowded. We have Mike Olt, Kris Bryant and newcomer Tommy La Stella. It’s going to be interesting because I think Mike Olt will start the season at third but inevitably the job will be handed over to Bryant.

With spring workouts to the soundtrack of Bruce Springsteen, Joe Maddon isn’t kidding anyone, he’s the Boss but with this much competition during spring training, it’s good to keep an open mind on every position and be creative.

“Respect 90” is a motto that Joe Maddon is using for the players this season. Is it his brand? Position Statement or tag line for the year. Ninety feet. That’s it. Believe in it. That’s what he wants the players to do.

“It really is the message I want to get out there,” Maddon said. “I believe if we respect that 90 feet every day, a lot of good things are going to happen here.”

This is an important season for the Cubs, the fans and the players. This is a season when everyone has to believe in something bigger than they are. The quest for the World Series isn’t about contract extensions, trophies, rings or even the glory; the quest for the World Series is about those kids in the schoolyards who had a dream. The World Series is about the parents sitting in the stands cheering their kids every step of the way. The World Series is about the Little League coaches smiling at their proteges in October.

The World Series is about believing.


  1. Minoring In Baseball · March 1, 2015

    So happy that baseball is back! I’ll be watching the Tigers in tomorrow, and the Cubs have two games on Tuesday, I think. Life is good!


    • Mark Gauthier · March 2, 2015

      This is going to be one exciting year for not just the Cubs, but a lot of teams. I can’t wait to get started.

      Liked by 1 person

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