Chicago Cubs Spring Into Action

Kris Bryant, Chicago Cubs, Arizona, MLB,

Everything changes this week. I have my At Bat MLB App 2015 (say that ten times drinking Old Style), constantly pouring over the Cubs Schedule and have now made it my wallpaper on the phone. Yup, baseball is indeed back.

Manny Ramirez is making quite the impression in the Cubs spring training camp so far and the positive influence on Starlin Castro hasn’t gone unnoticed.

“I think it’ll be really good for us, especially the young guys,” Castro said. “That guy had a wonderful career. He knows a lot about this game and I think everybody listens to him. I think he’ll explain it, and he can help a lot of guys.”

Joe Maddon has his work cut out for him but thankfully he’s got a quality stable of guys to propel the Cubs to October. Which brings me to Kris Bryant. Should he start on Opening Day is probably the biggest question that is looming large over every Cubs fan across the nation. I’m standing by my decision to not start him but go with Mike Olt. There’s no need rushing the kid.

So, as we prepare for another winter snowstorm brewing, my thoughts and attention turn to the dry desert heat of Arizona and count down the days, Thursday March 5 2015 to those folks who really want to know when the now mighty Chicago Cubs start their spring training campaign.

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