Cubs Pick Lester For Opening Day

Jon Lester, Chicago Cubs, MLB, Arizona

Whether it was a chance to “Dot the I’s or cross the “T’s” the decision to start Jon Lester on Opening “Night” really came down to being a no brainer. However, that doesn’t mean that the excitement of making it official didn’t send chills down my spine at the very mention.

Imagine, Opening Night is around the corner. In just over four weeks, the Cubs prepare to defend the Den against those pesky redbirds of St. Louis.

“I talked to Jon,” Maddon said Monday. “Jon will start Opening Night.”

Now that the Cubs have figured out who the Opening Day, er, Night starter is going to be, that begs the question of who will end up their number five? Will it be Edwin Jackson or Travis Wood?

I think it will be Travis with Edwin in the Pen, but something tells me that the five spot will change drastically throughout the season should Edwin find his groove. Madden’s a creative guy so be prepared to be unprepared.

“The line I like is that, I’m not going to lie to you,” Maddon said. “If I tell you the truth, you might be upset with me for about a week or two, but then you’re going to be OK. But if I lie to you, you’re going to hate me forever. If you shoot somebody between the eyes honestly, they might leave the room upset, they might slam the door, they might drive out of the parking lot quick, they might go home and hopefully not hit their dog. Eventually, they come back because you told them the truth. Every professional person I’ve ever been around really appreciates that.”

Perhaps Maddon is the type of manager the Cubs need at this time. Someone who isn’t afraid to tell it like it is.

As irrelevant as it may seem, those eight words could go down in history as the start of something amazing. For example, the Model T rolled off the line two weeks before the last World Series championship.

In a fitting tribute, the Volo Auto Museum in Volo, Illinois is giving away a Back To The Future DeLorean  if the Cubs win the World Series. Now, that’s confidence!

Believe it.

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