Chicago Cubs Can’t Catch a Break

Spring Training, Chicago Cubs, Welington Castillo

Did everyone watch a lot of baseball yesterday? Tomorrow is the big day when the Chicago Cubs play a split squad against the San Francisco Giants and the Oakland Athletics in Spring Training action. I could talk about everything that’s exciting about this year’s edition of the Northsiders, but faithful readers, you all ready know that.

Instead, let’s talk about that situation behind the plate. What to do, oh what to do?

Currently, the Cubs have three catchers in Welington Castillo, Miguel Montero and David Ross. The Chicago Cubs don’t need three catchers and more than likely, Welington Castillo will probably find another club to play for come Opening Day.

It’s unfortunate, but a reality and I’m sure he knows that.

“If Castillo is on the team as a third catcher, it will be difficult to get playing time,” Maddon said. “Off the top of my head, it would be a situation where we’ll have to find a spot for him to start. You’ll probably want to run for David Ross, you’ll probably want to run for Montero late in the game. You’d probably not be concerned at all about putting Welly back there because of his throwing ability and blocking ability.”

Now, going from a starter to a backup is probably not the situation Castillo would like to be in but the problems the Cubs are facing so far are very good problems to have.

“This game has a really cruel way of answering questions, and that’s why, right now, this is all theoretical stuff, and I get it,” Maddon said. “‘I don’t know’ is my best answer.”

Look at their pitching scenario. The five spot is a mess now that the Kyle Hendricks Experience is all but locked into the four spot. I think it’ll be wise to stick Travis Wood in there over Edwin Jackson.

Jackson needs to regroup this season and find his groove. I’m rooting for him but as Joe Maddon says,

“This game has a really cruel way of answering questions.”

Believe it

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