Lester Gets To Work in Cubs’ Debut

#LetsGo, Chicago Cubs, Spring Training, Arizona

Well, it wasn’t exactly what the Cubs were hoping for but in the immortal words of the Rolling Stones, “You Can’t Always Get What You Want.” but as the song goes, the Cubs and their fans got exactly what they needed yesterday in a 5-2 loss to division, “Thorns in their sides” Cincinnati Reds.

Jon Lester recorded two scoreless innings in his first spring training appearance of the 2015 season. So, as single game tickets for the Cubs went on sale yesterday and believe me, everything was jammed solid in Arizona, the Cubs were setting attendance records with 15, 331 spectators on hand to watch the Cubs and their ace.

“Anytime in Spring Training you have 15,000 to 16,000 people show up to watch a game, it’s always a good thing,” Jon Lester said. “You can get yourself acclimated to pitching in front of bigger crowds and used to your surroundings. All that stuff was really nice to feel today and get that adrenaline going and all that.”

I’ll tell you, fans of the North Side blue bears deserve this season. Sure, there may be some bumps in the road throughout the season, there will surely be some highlights and once this team finds its groove, who knows where they’ll be in October?

For now, the Cubs are getting to know each other for the next month in preparation of April’s Opening Day festivities.

“I was happy with how I was able to pitch up in the zone a little bit,” Lester said. “They’re still getting their feet wet as far as their swings and timing, so you can get away with that. As far as the pitch-to-pitch adjustments and the way I was feeling, it was all positive today.”

There are many reasons to get excited when spring training rolls around; more so than many other sports.


A lot of Canadians migrate to Florida and Arizona for the winter, but for the few who stay behind, it’s a carnage of wintery coldness.

When I see palm trees and baseball stats that are meaningless, I get excited. There’s no need for that Ice Melt in the jug for the front steps anymore. My Chicago Cubs toque(which I purchased on cubs) gets used less and less quietly replaced with a ball cap and a smile.

Baseball’s back.

Believe it.

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