The Cubs Buy Chicago a Coke

Chicago Cubs, baseball , cactus league, Coke

If there’s a silver lining in yesterday’s very tough loss to the Colorado Rockies 7-5 is that the Cubs are taking solace that they fought back. Are they the “Comeback Kids?”

No. They never went anywhere. However, the positives that were taken away from yesterday were that Kris Bryant connected and went deep with his first home run this season and Jason Hammel shook the rust off.

“It’s been a very positive, upbeat camp, guys are having fun,” Hammel said. “We’re not out there trying to prove we’re world beaters, but we have a plan and a game plan we’re going to stick to.”

Sure, the Cubs haven’t won a game as of yet, but that’s not the point of spring training. To see what’s working and what’s not working, player development and a chance for fans to welcome their hero back after a long winter.

Fans can be reassured that Kris Bryant is going to be a bona fide star this year.

Today however, the Cubs will face the Texas Rangers. I’m betting on a win. What do you think? Oh, yeah, what about Phil Coke? That acquisition came out of, well, you know what side of the field. We’ll have to see what he brings to the table, but Maddon seems to be behind him.

“He’s loquacious — I was able to establish that quickly,” Maddon said. “He’s animated, he’s wide open, I love all of that.”

Hey, Joe just said loquacious. How cool is that?

Believe it.

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