Cubs Still Looking For First Win in Spring Training

Edwin Jackson, Chicago Cubs, Spring Training

The Cubs are winless this season. Sound familiar? Wait though, this is spring training. It doesn’t count, right? Yesterday, the Chicago Cubs lost a tough one to the San Diego Padres 6-3. There were flashes of brilliance in the game and some “uh oh, we have to fix that.”

Edwin Jackson pitched.

In baseball, a player can be statistically brutal and yet still be an ok player. That’s where Edwin sits. He had a good game even if he gave up four runs in the second inning. The thing is, and it pains me to say this, but Jackson is the one player who needs most of the work. He signed with the Cubs a couple of years ago to a whopping contract/per player value (i.e.he was overpaid) and added yet another chapter to the bleacher bums book of,”Hey, my grandmother can pitch better than you!”

Sorry Edwin, I had to say it.

I still believe Edwin Jackson can play on this team. It’ll be in the bullpen. The guy getting the fifth spot in the rotation is playing today, Travis Wood.

“Would I like to start? Yes,” Jackson said. “If I don’t start, am I going to go around and throw a temper tantrum? No. If I don’t start, it’ll be because of something I didn’t do to allow myself to be in that position. It’s a fun time here, a great group of guys, a great organization. It’d be a lot of fun to win a lot of ballgames, to win with this ballclub.”

In other news, Mike Olt continues to make Kris Bryant’s leap into the majors a difficult one. Yesterday, he homered along with Miguel Montero.  Of course it’s expected that Bryant will be there this year but I’m still on Mike Olt’s bandwagon.

If player evaluations are the key to spring training action, then the Cubs are on the right track. The uniforms still have a lot of wrinkles left in them over the brutal winter but the Cubs are in good hands and come Opening Day, we’re going to see a pretty exciting team take to the field.

Believe it.


  1. Level Whimsicality · March 10, 2015

    Having pitchers fight for the 5th spot is a good thing, versus finding semi-warm arms to fill slots by default. 🙂


  2. Mark Gauthier · March 10, 2015

    Tell me about it. The Cubs are in a good spot.


  3. Clarissa · March 11, 2015

    Honestly, If the fans lose faith in a player and say they hit like grandma. The sports league has an obligation to fire them. They are running a business at the end of the day. Just like me and if my workers can’t sell quality knives with high stats. Then I find it my duty to the company to fire them and spank them with a paddle.


  4. Clarissa · March 11, 2015

    I meant if they pitch like grandma*


  5. Steve · March 11, 2015

    There are no salary caps in Baseball Edwin Jackson is a waste of money! He isn’t even sexually attractive so there is one strike, He can’t pitch there is two strikes, and three I mean fans have lost faith in him. Even though it was a drunken bum. MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICE AND FIRE HIM!


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