Wear a Cup

Will Ferrell Chicago Cubs Baseball

That was the advice Miguel Montero gave Will Ferrel before he takes to the field in today’s game against the Angels.

If you’re not all ready aware, Will Ferrel will honour Bert Campaneris feat of playing every position on the field for five teams in one day.

That’s awesome. No, that’s not awesome. That’s incredible. it’s also for charity to benefit cancer research including Cancer For College.

Which is way cooler.

This is another reason to watch Spring Training baseball. Seeing stuff like this makes it awesome.

It was also great to see the Cubs grab their first win of the spring season yesterday. Jon Lester is going to be great in a Cubs uniform. In three innings of work, Lester struck out two. Even though it’s spring, it was a huge win for the Cubs. To get that under their belt and build the confidence they need going into the regular season.

“It is Spring Training, yes. Does it matter if we lost? No,” first baseman Anthony Rizzo said. “We should be winning. It doesn’t matter how you win or lose, you want to win at the end of the day. … It’s still super early.”

Believe it

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