Joe Maddon is Sinatra of Baseball

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Joe Maddon Does It His Way

There’s one thing that few people will ever disagree with and that is Joe Maddon is a genius. I’m not talking Albert Einstein smarts either, if Al were standing in the dugout this season, then the Cubs probably all would have E=MC2 on the back of their jerseys.

Then there’s the work of Javier Baez. He’s been striking out this spring. He’s 13 for 37. Not good numbers and certainly not the kind that the Cubs expected, but he’s got power and everyone is agreeing that his defensive skills are turning out to be a lot more valuable than his offence.

“He’s always going to strike out,” Maddon said. “It’s not even about strikeouts, it’s about organizing his strike zone a little better. … If he could somehow get to be a better decision-maker and then test that forceful swing he’s got in the strike zone, let’s see what happens there.”

You see? Joe Maddon’s got all the answers.

You know, even if the Cubs don’t win this season, and I mean win it all, it’s going to be a creative year. It could test fan’s patience but also it could turn out to be a very entertaining year. We all know that the last few years have been less than entertaining. Frustrating? Oh yeah.

Then there’s the question of Walk Up Music

“That’s something for Twitter right there,” Maddon said. “You could put out there, I need three songs — one for yelling at an umpire, changing a pitcher and getting thrown out.”

I have a few suggestions for Joe when it comes to music:

“You Can’t Always Get What You Want” by The Rolling Stones– a great song for arguing with the Ump. Let’s face it, arguing with the umpire is like the futility of resistance with the Borg.

“Unkind” by Sloan– When there’s a pitching change. Nothing’s better than hand claps and gang vocals. This one’s for you 

“My Way” by Frank Sinatra There’s nothing sweeter than walking off any field on your own terms, doing it the way you want, when you want it.

Believe it

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