Edwin Jackson Figures Out Google Maps and The Strike Zone!

Edwin Jackson, Chicago Cubs, baseball

Edwin Jackson Comes Through

Yesterday, the Cubs beat the Royals 7-0 and boy, did Edwin Jackson play well.

This I’m really liking. Kris Bryant in the outfield. Yesterday, Bryant got his second start in the outfield and amid the fierce competition at third base, Mr. Bryant seems to be fitting in quite well out there.

“I honestly believe it makes a younger hitter a better hitter,” Joe Maddon said. “If he’s moving around a lot, and has to work with so many different defensive positions, he doesn’t worry so much about his hitting.”

Does this mean he’ll be playing out there this season? Probably not, but it couldn’t hurt. Either way, Bryant will find his way onto the roster if not Opening Day, sometime next month. If a team doesn’t win April, chances of a post season are slim.

Speaking of slim, let’s talk about Edwin Jackson. Either he slept in Cousin Eddie(Joe Maddon’s RV) or his GPS was working right, but Jackson looked pretty good out there yesterday. Allowing only 1 hit in four and some change innings, Jackson played like he wanted to be there Opening Day. If there was a “Comeback of Spring Training” award, Jackson could have won it yesterday.

“The last couple years haven’t been great. I know what I’m capable of doing. I know my abilities, and it definitely would be fun to play here with the guys and contribute to winning a lot of games whatever my role is.” Jackson said.

Of course it would be fun to play with the guys, it’s Wrigley Field!

Now that Opening Day/Night is less than a week away, the remaining games will be focusing on the roster that will resemble that awesome day/night (I keep doing that, please next year make it the day game!)

“This next week is big for us as a team,” Cubs first baseman Anthony Rizzo said, “because we want to get off to a good start. We’re not going to get off to a good start starting on April 5, we need to start gelling now. We’ve been gelling pretty well, it’s a pretty good group of guys. Now it’s more about, OK, Spring Training is coming to an end and it’s about executing all of our plans.”

Believe it.

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