Cubs Brace Themselves For Opening Night

Chicago Cubs, Arizona Diamondbacks

Opening Night is one day away and we know one thing for certain, Edwin Jackson will start in the bullpen as Travis Wood snags the five spot in the rotation.

“We want to make sure Edwin stays stretched out so he can go back in the rotation if necessary,”Joe Maddon said. “He was very, very professional about the whole moment.”

It kind of was expected and after yesterday’s outing against the Diamondbacks in a 5-1 loss, if Edwin were a Jedi Knight, his destiny would have been fulfilled.

Wood crushed the ball in the third to tie up the game but it wasn’t enough. However, I think they should continue using Travis in the leadoff role. Oh C’mon, I’m joking!

So, this is it. This afternoon, the Cubs will square off against the Snakes in what might resemble less of a Mutual of Omaha documentary and more of a Lorne Greene’s New Wilderness(Just bringing out the Canadian in me, and my age-yikes!)

Tomorrow, it all begins. Where are you going to watch the game MLB.TV or are you going to be there? One thing is for sure, and that is this year is going to be bittersweet should the Cubs go all the way. The tributes to Ernie Banks tomorrow are going to be felt throughout the nation.

“We wanted to try to figure out a way to do something that’s celebratory,” Cubs spokesman Julian Green said. “That’s the important piece in terms of the thinking going into it. We went through the mourning period, mourning and grieving. Now we’re talking about the celebration of his life. I believe that what we’ve put together will be a great celebration for those fans who knew him personally or knew of him or had the opportunity to watch him play or see him on TV.”

Fall Out Boy will be there and of course, Ernie Banks #14 will be worn on the arms of each player and the hearts of Cubs fans throughout.

Now, about that construction…

Believe it.


  1. Compwhiz 3001 · April 4, 2015

    Not sure about Canada, but stateside the game will be on ESPN (2?).


    • Mark Gauthier · April 4, 2015

      It’ll be on here too. I’m an MLB.TV subscriber and can’t live without it. Is that an endorsement or what?


      • Compwhiz 3001 · April 4, 2015

        Indeed. Touché.


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