Opening Night. Yeah, Let’s Go Cubs!

easter, baseball, opening night

Baseball Canadian style

Yesterday, we were cleaning the house in preparation for our Easter company. Our son, Darcy asks me if he could in his own words,”Toss the pass”  or “bat some balls” he wanted to play baseball. Yes, he got really excited and so we trudged through the mucky backyard to the shed to fetch his bat and wiffle  balls. Now, if those wiffle balls were designed to not be hit far, I have to tell you that this kid connects just about everytime and in most cases the ball lands in the neighbour’s yard.

“Hey Darcy, what number do you want to be in T Ball?”

“99, Daddy because it’s less than 100 and that won’t fit on my shirt.”

It won’t fit on his shirt. Here I thought it was a tribute to one of Canada’s greatest athletes, but instead it was a case of not fitting on his shirt.

We talked about Anthony Rizzo and Starlin Castro and we could have talked about more players but those are the only two he knows. He’s going to run fast like Castro and hit home runs like Rizzo. I once told him Rizzo hit 32 last year and Darcy informed me that he’s going to hit 44 (at that point I should have told him the significance).

I didn’t.

Here’s the truth. The kid loves baseball only because his old man watches a lot of baseball. In fact, he likes the Red Sox and the Blue Jays but the “Cubs Daddy, are your favourite team.”

That’s all right too.

Today is a special day because it’s Easter. Coincidentally, it’s also a special day because it’s Opening Night. Yes, baseball begins again, rivalries are reborn but tonight has a different feel to it. The Chicago Cubs begin a 162 game journey that is mounted on belief. The belief that baseball is a good game and it starts with a swing of the bat.

I’m going to challenge everyone to do something today. In the dirt and the muck today, go “Toss The Pass” and hit a few with those little believers and maybe, just maybe after all that chocolate carnage and delicious Easter ham, those little believers will get ready for bed and brush their teeth and then and only then can they stay up Opening Night to watch a couple of innings.

Believe it.


  1. Tracey · April 6, 2015

    Great job Mark! Darcy is growing! Let the season begin!! Go Boston go!!!! Sorry, it is the way it is!


    • Mark Gauthier · April 11, 2015

      Darcy is growing. He loves hitting the ball in the backyard. Hits it over to the neighbours. He really has a great eye for the ball.


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