Cubs Look To Get Their Groove Back

Chicago Cubs, Opening Night, Joe Maddon

Although the Cubs took it on the chin in Sunday night’s home opener, the Cubs shouldn’t be too worried about how the season will play out. Ok, ok, that bobble Jorge Soler did looked scary but we all know that the Cubs have so much to look forward to that one game does not tell a story. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

“I always think it takes that first month to understand the team,” Maddon said. “I try to have a winning record every month, and that’s something we’ll talk about and try to make a goal.”

He’s got a point and with so many new faces on the team, Spring Training is just that training. Call me an optimist, call me a realist,  call me crazy but the Cubs are just getting started and even though that throw to first by Jon Lester looked a little rusty, I’m sure there are $155 million reasons, both Lester and madden will look at that during practices.

“He wasn’t as sharp as he can be, that’s obvious,” Maddon said. “The cutter wasn’t there for him. The velocity started real well. In the first inning, I saw 93, 94 [mph]. It looked like he could find it when he wanted to after that. But I don’t think his breaking ball was where he wanted it to be.”

“It’s still getting the ball down in the zone, regardless of who you’re pitching against,” said Lester, who allowed eight hits. “I didn’t do that. I’ll get back at it on Tuesday. The biggest thing is getting that  angle. It was there at times. I threw some cutters that weren’t really good, really flat that can’t happen. We’ll make the adjustment and get back to work in the next one.”

Opening Night and Opening Day are over with. Today, is the day when teams knuckle down and find their groove. Jake Arietta squares off against Lance Lynn tonight. If Opening Night was about the festivities, then this is where old rivalries get renewed.

Hopefully, the restroom situation will get resolved. Fans were apparently pissed off about the bathroom struggles.


“There were already long lines on the lower level,” he said.  The plumbing problems were cleared up but, by then, the lines had grown to waits of more than an hour, We could’ve provided additional portable units and we didn’t,”  Cubs spokesman Julian Green said.

Believe it

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