Cubs Left In The Cold During Opening Week

Jake Arrieta, Chicago Cubs, Wrigley Field

Jake Arrieta gets the start today. Game Time is 2:20 Eastern

After the thrill and excitement of Opening Night, I was all set to settle in and enjoy a good Cubs game last night. Did it happen?


Rain and cold temperatures spoiled my plans. Welcome to April baseball. As it turned out, I watched what was probably the best Ottawa Senators games I’ve ever seen. They came back from a three goal deficite to beat the Pittsburgh Penguins 4-3 in overtime and keep their playoff hopes alive.  A great game!

Now, the Chicago Cubs have a lot of work to do to get to the post season. It’s only the second game in but when they’re facing those pesky division rivals, now’s the chance to get ahead in the standings. Teams are rusty and April is a very important month to win.

“The start is so essential, especially when you’re in a real competitive division,”Theo Epstein said. “I thought it was nice we had a really good final third to Spring Training. We started out slow and kind of found our way and we played some really good baseball the last week to 10 days. Let’s try to have that carry over.”

What’s that Yoda saying, “Do or do not, there is no try.” Yeah, that keeps coming back to me. I think the team is so much different with a Can-Do attitude in Joe Maddon. He likes to learn new things, however, now is the time to do it, not a couple of months from now.

“I’ve got to learn the National League,” Joe Maddon said. “I don’t know these teams. You look at a scouting report, and when you actually know what this guy looks like visually, it’s a lot easier to understand the scouting report. … I have to understand the National League, I have to understand the Central fast, because we play them so often. I have to understand the other managers and how they think quickly. Those are my challenges.”

Even though the Cubs may have their challenges this year, I’m making a safe bet that they’ll be in contention throughout the season.

Believe it.

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