#BringBackBartman Oh Yeah, and The Cubs Win.

Well, Starlin Castro must have been reading my blog yesterday because he hit a home run to help the Cubs beat the Colorado Rockies 9-5 yesterday. The other two homers came from Mike Olt and Chris Coghlan.

As opening Week winds down, does this mean that the Chicago offence has finally come into their own?

“The at-bats have been good,” Cubs manager Joe Maddon said. “It’s just the ebb and flow of the season, and you want to get more consistent. I think our judgment at the plate has been good.”

Jason Hammel was solid as well yesterday pitching six innings with eight hits.

Today, is going to be a big game because of the Kyle Hendricks Experience. Yes, I’m a huge fan of Kyle. He’s probably one of the most underrated  pitchers in the game. He has no particular style but man, he gets the job done. I’m predicting before the end of the year, he’s going to move up in the order.

“I really believe he could pitch well in a phone booth, he’s such a precision kind of pitcher with good stuff. Everybody looks at him as being a command guy, but his stuff is good too. When he’s executing his pitches well, it doesn’t matter where he’s pitching.” Maddon said.

All right, so yesterday I was tweeting about the possibility of Steve Bartman getting pardoned by the Chicago Cubs. @cubs_scott and @metroboid were discussing this and I also wrote a post about this a couple of months ago.

It just seems like the time has come to forgive and forget. Sometime this season, the Cubs should have a pre-game ceremony to bring him back to Wrigley Field. The problem is that he’s a difficult guy to track down. Is he still in the Witness Protection Program? Is he in Canada?

So, I’m starting a Twitter campaign to #BringBackBartman

The Cubs should do this. Let’s get everyone on board. I want everyone to give a reason why they would like Steve Bartman back at Wrigley Field using that hashtag.

Hey Steve, Why Can’t We Be Friends?

Believe it.

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