Cubs Seal Jackie Robinson Day with Victory

Travis Wood Chicago Cubs

There was a lot to celebrate on Jackie Robinson Day. The Cubs celebrated as well with a win over the Cincinnati Reds, 5-0. The win briefly puts the team into sole possession of first place in the Central. It also marked the season debut of Anthony Rizzo’s quest to crush his 32 home runs last year.

However, it was the decent from Travis Wood and of course the power of the team that helped with the victory.

“From the first inning, I could tell we had pretty good command of the fastball today, and that was the approach we took,” Travis Wood said. “I was able to keep them off-balance and get some early outs and pound the zone.”

Travis Wood is starting to get his groove back together after last year’s disappointing season.

“He’s different,” Maddon said. “As pitchers go, you could label him as a dirtbag. I love that phrase when you’re talking about a good baseball player.”

Last season, a major problem with the Cubs was the inability to gel together. Either it was great pitching and no offence, or the other way around but this year in all the victories and close defeats, the Cubs have received support from both sides of the ball.

The Cubs have a well deserved day off before San Diego comes to town tomorrow.

“You could sense it in Spring Training. It’s a good group of guys, and very relaxed and very hungry at the same time. We need to feel this and keep feeling it and get everyone rallying behind us.” Rizzo said.

It’s not hard to have a relaxed vibe with Joe Maddon in the dugout and clipboard.

Despite all the Cubs heroics on the field, the real hero of the day was Jackie Robinson. The adversity he went through has and will always make the difference in the game and felt everywhere.

“What he’s done for the game in breaking the color barrier, being able to stand up for what he stood for — obviously, I wouldn’t be playing if he wasn’t here,” Dexter Fowler said. “It’s definitely an honor to wear.”

Believe it


  1. wannabeGM · April 16, 2015

    OK starting to believe


  2. Dave · April 17, 2015

    Cubs not playing as stats would dictate. They’re too busy creating new stats!!!!

    Just had another thought. What if, the Cubs just get better than they are? You did mention Kris Bryant.

    All that said, there was nothing finer for me than throwing the ball around the backyard with my son when he was younger……


    • Mark Gauthier · April 17, 2015

      You hit the nail on the head, Dave. Kids don’t think about the big leagues, contracts or where they’ll play. It’s all about at that moment just hitting the ball and seeing how far it goes. Now, that being said, my son swings like Baez but hits like Bryant. Truth, I swear!


      • Dave · April 17, 2015

        My son has decided not to play baseball. He threw the ball on target but, it was a target he made up as he went along, and it only took him 3 swings for each at bat…..with the ball meeting up with the Catcher each time w/o bat/ball contact.


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