Lesters Struggles Continue, But Cubs are On A Role

Jon Lester, Chicago Cubs, Chicago Tribune

If we’re talking about teamwork, let’s talk about the glove throwing play by Jon Lester, then again, they probably don’t talk about that move in little league, now do they? Long story short; Lester couldn’t get the ball out so he just tossed the whole glove to Anthony Rizzo. Hey, why not?

His struggles however, are still there. So far, Lester has allowed 12 runs in 15 innings. Ugh. If this were June and July, I think Cubs fans would have a need to be worried, but give Lester the benefit of the doubt, Wrigley Field isn’t exactly the most friendly place in April. He’ll get there.

“Obviously, the results aren’t there. We obviously go out there to win the game, and that’s the results we want, and that’s not there. But when you sit back and evaluate, it was better. Not there, but better.”Lester said.

With the Cubs losing another tough one 5-2 to the San Diego Padres, the one thing anyone can say about the Cubs is that they’re keeping it tight in the games. They battle back and are competitive which I think was one of their goals at the start of the season. Things will improve but still think about this one, Rizzo, Soler, Bryant and Castro that’s a lot of skill. Plus Coghlan and Montero are providing some pop at the plate and then there’s OBP specialist, Dexter Fowler. The Cubs have some depth. As they take these losses on the chin and hang in through April, there’s only good times ahead.

Believe it.

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