Cubs Respect 90

Chicago Cubs win

As April quickly comes to a close, was anyone surprised by the Chicago Cubs quick start? Yesterday, they beat the Reds 5-2 and took two games in the series.

Now, I’ve talked about the support of the guys not with the last names Rizzo, Bryant,and Soler, but maybe you can put Starlin Castro into that mix of players who are quietly leading the team. Of course Miguel Montero and Chris Coghlan have been doing a bang up job, but Joe Maddon’s philosophy (one of many) is to Respect 90 and it seems like Castro has bought into that fully.

“That moment bleeds into the rest of your game,” Maddon said. “Everything he’s doing right now, I always believe in the complementary effects of everything we do. If there’s a good baseball karma, he’s created that by the way he’s gone about his business. More than anything he did, I loved that run in the ninth today.”

Running hard through the bases is a funny concept for me to grasp because if I were a manager, I’d be telling the players to do that all the time.

Work the bases.

The games aren’t won with how many souvenirs fans get or keeping an eye on Hank Aaron’s record, no, baseball is won by the bases. So, it always feels absurd when managers try to present this concept as something revolutionary. That being said, the Cubs are doing a terrific job so far of getting men on base and bringing them in.

That’s how Addison Russell is playing. He’s getting key hits to bring those guys in. Yesterday, he delivered a major three run double to help chip in with the victory.

“I’m just understanding the whole process,” Russell said. “It may be overnight, it may take a few games, it may take a few at-bats. I’m trying to stay patient and stay with my approach and just believe in my talent.”

So, with the tight NL Central race, the Cubs are two back of the Cards and poised to keep it close all season.

Things are just getting started.

Believe it.


  1. Compwhiz 3001 · April 27, 2015

    So far, so good. The Cubs have a real shot at taking on the Cards this season.

    And Joe Maddon is awesome. Easy now to see why he was so coveted.


  2. Mark Newman · April 27, 2015

    Congrats, Mark, – this post was just featured on the all-new




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