Cubs Fight Off Pirates

Chicago Cubs Pittsburgh Pirates

So now that the Cubs are exploring their winning ways, they’ve decided to work on their finesse. Yesterday, the Cubs robbed the Pirates(C’Mon that’s some of my best stuff!) 4-0. Jason Hammel made it through eight scoreless innings and the main theme of this young season with the Cubs is I think, mutual respect. The guys like each other and their playing well.

Take Miguel Montero.

“It’s easy to catch a guy when they throw the ball where it’s supposed to go,” said Montero, who was behind the plate. “You don’t have to be a genius to call the game. This guy was throwing the ball good today. He kept getting ahead in the count and when he fell behind, he came back and made his pitches. This was the best I’ve seen him. It was fun catching him. It’s always fun when they make pitches, and today, he was really good.”

But then there’s the modesty coming from Hammel.

“Miggy and I are on a pretty good rapport now,” Hammel said. “He keeps putting down fingers and I follow him around. He’s making it pretty easy.”

Ah, they make it sound so easy.

The new guy on the block, Addison Russell made his Wrigley debut in front of his parents. Now, I don’t know about you guys, but speaking as a parent myself; there would be no greater feeling than seeing your child play at one of baseball’s shrines. Although he went one for three, Russell really was the star of the game.

“Me getting called up on the road was a little easier than getting called up here on the first day, just because of all the media and everything,” Russell said. “On the road, everything was so chill, and I got brought into this kind of easy. I’m thankful for that.”

So, is all the hype surrounding the Cubs real? It looks like it and in many ways, you can tell the success of the team by the way Starlin Castro is playing. He’s playing really well.

“I’ve always thought Starlin was a really, really good player,” Epstein said. “His defense took a big step forward last year and he’s carried it over into this year. He gets a little chance to hide in the lineup now. He doesn’t have to be the focal point for the opposition. He’s playing really good baseball on both sides. I’m proud of him.”

So are we.

Believe it

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