Cubs Are Attitudinal Against Pirates

Chicago Cubs Attitudinal

Some of the most under the radar pickups can provide the most bang for the buck. I’m talking about Dexter Fowler. Last night,Fowler collected three hits and two RBI’s as the Cubs routed the Pirates 6-2. The reason I say this is in wake of Jon Lester and Joe Maddon signing during the off season, Fowler has emerged as a bona fide star (not that he all ready wasn’t) and an anchor to the team. Look who hits behind him too.  It’s a ferocious lineup.

The Cubs are one back of the Cards which poses the question, “How will the Adam Wainwright injury affect the Cubs?” Watching Wainwright get injured is equivalent to Renoir breaking a finger. Yeah, that’s how good the guy is. Coming from a Cubs fan, there I said it.

Part of the Cubs success is their small ball tactics. Getting on base and moving the runners has proven to work. I’ve talked about this before but it’s true.

“A lot of this is attitudinal,” Maddon said. “It’s things you want to get done in a Spring Training setting. I think part of it is they’re not concerned about making mistakes now. I don’t want them just to run for running’s sake — pick the right spot. If the math adds up, go ahead and try, and if you’re out, you’re out. If you try to run against the math, that’s not so good and not so smart. We’re not going to do that.”

Ah, the ever quotable Maddon. Love it! Forget #LetsGo the Cubs new one is #Attitudinal and the Cubs have plenty of it.

“I don’t ever want to be one-dimensional,” Anthony Rizzo said. “I don’t want to be just a hitter, I want to do it all. That’s how we lead this team by example. We go first to third, we break up the double play, we run out ground balls. It’s doing everything, all the little things.”

That’s the difference with the team this season, the little things that are getting done. Then again, when a team has the guys that the Cubs have, those little things turn into Big Things.

Believe it.


  1. Gary Trujillo · April 29, 2015

    Could it be fate? I’m not sure, nor do I care. As long as someone besides the Cardinals wins that division.


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