Cubs’ Lester Gets Win and Russell Kisses The Moon With First HR

Chicago Cubs Jon Lester

There were a lot of missed opportunities in yesterday’s victory over the dismal Brewers but there were a lot of things that went right as well.

Jon Lester picked up his first win of the season. He received a standing ovation to go with it. The Cubs’ 155+ million dollar arm helped the Cubs beat up the Brewers 1-0. He got rid of 15 batters out of 16 and Cubs fans everywhere wiped their foreheads.

“This is a big day for me, personally,”Jon Lester said. “It always goes back to your first start in Spring Training, your first start of the season, get that first ‘W.’ Obviously, I would’ve liked to have had it happen a little while ago, but that’s not the case. Today’s a big day. We’ll celebrate this, have some fun with it, and tomorrow, back to work.”

The score shouldn’t have been 1-0. No sir. Not with that lineup. In fact, the Cubs failed so many times to bring runners in, I was expecting Mike Quade to be standing in the dugout.

Sorry, Mike. Go Ottawa Lynx, Go! Yeah, you know what I’m talking about.

Then there was Addison Russell. How did that feel? Ok, I was listening to the game on MLB.TV and the excitement in Pat’s voice said it all,”It’s going, going Addison Russell with his first career home run!”

“It feels good, and it was even more special because I’m here at Wrigley,” said Addison Russell, whose fiancee and sister were at the game. “The fans jumping up and down, just hearing the crowd roar like that, it’s an awesome feeling.”

We have to come up with a name for the “Fearsome Foursome” of Anthony Rizzo, Jorge Soler, Kris Bryant and Addison Russell. Any ideas?

Going off on a tangent here.

Before there was Netflix and downloading and streaming and yada, yada, yada. Ok, I’m getting old! When there was a time of TV Blackouts and sometimes we had to listen to the games on the radio.

AM radio with all its crackling bliss. When I was a kid, I used to listen to Canadian Football League games on the radio. Yup, I hardly missed an Ottawa Rough Rider home game. Now, this goes back to a time when CFL games were on CBC Sports.

“He’s at the twenty, the fifteen, the ten…Touchdown!”

Now, I wouldn’t give up MLB.TV to go back, but there was an excitement listening to these games on the radio that just isn’t there when you watch the games. I still listen occasionally to Phillies games that I pick up on the dial late at night when I’m driving somewhere.

There’s a blog that I recommend called, The Happy Act by Laurie Swinton. Every week she challenges readers to go out and do something that makes you happy. I’m going to challenge you faithful readers this week to listen to a baseball game. Tune in and listen to it and soak up all your imagination can offer.

Believe it

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