When The Cubs World Collides

Chicago Cubs

It seemed the Chicago Cubs were out of sync yesterday as the Brewers went on to defeat them, 6-1.  It wasn’t a pretty game by anyone’s standards and there was a collision between Anthony Rizzo and Addison Russell that had every Cubs fan holding their breath.

“It’s just one of those plays, two outs, you’ve got to try to make that play at all costs,” Rizzo said. “Russell went all out, I went all out. Thankfully, we didn’t hit our heads on each other. He kind of skidded a little there. We were both laying down, both asked each other if we were all right, and thankfully, we are.”

From what I saw, if Russell was a little more experienced he might have called off the play and let Rizzo get it. You can’t fault him from trying though, he went after it and got a little grass stains on his ball cap to boot.

Ok, I don’t like Ryan Braun. Never met the guy or his family and I’m certainly not knocking him as a person. However, I will make amends with him once he apologizes and hands over that MVP award. Do you agree? I gave him the two finger salute when he hit that dinger that left the Cubs out of rhythm.

“I just missed with a heater early in the count to Braun,” Arrieta said. “He was able to put a good swing on it. I just wasn’t very good today, plain and simple. I didn’t do a good enough job. We need more out of our starter and I didn’t give us the effort I intended to today.”

That about sums up the Cubs game plan yesterday. They weren’t very good.

On another note, what did you think of Jorge Soler in the leadoff? Not a bad decision and certainly something has to be done to get him going again, but I think Fowler needs to be back there.

“He sees his name in the leadoff spot, he has a different vibe about him,” Maddon said. “The whole job I want to get across to him is, ‘You’re out there to score runs. Don’t worry about homers, don’t worry about hits. You’re out there to score runs.'”

Back to plan A

Believe it.

One comment

  1. Compwhiz 3001 · May 3, 2015

    Yes Braun is hopefully one of the last phonies from the steroids era. He deserves the boos and hisses we give him. Yeah if he “returned” his MVP award, whatever that means, it would go a long way towards fan forgiveness.

    Why is Castro batting sixth? I don’t get a lineup shakeup thing this early in the season, WHEN YOU’RE WINNING. He has been a great contact hitter and should be on base before the big guns come to the plate.


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