Brewers Too Much For Cubs

Chicago Cubs

Things didn’t go as planned on the weekend. Sure, play Milwaukee, sweep them and gain some ground on the Birds.

That didn’t happen. Instead, the Cubs are looking at 4 1/2 games back of St Louis’s rearview mirror and that’s all right. They take on the Cardinals tonight in what could be the equivalent of Manny vs Floyd(Yeah, right).

Seriously,  this is a pivotal series. Whoever wins this series, wins the division. That I’m confident about.

“I think every game is a big game,” Joe Maddon said. “I never apply more weight to a game than another game. We talked about it in Spring Training that you play the game the same way in March that you do in October. So when you go out and play it doesn’t feel any different, and that’s a good thing. From a fan’s perspective, I get the rivalry.”

Is anyone else worried about Kris Bryant and his home run drought? I didn’t think so either. It’ll come and then it’ll keep coming. It could be worse, he could have been called up and been a bust, but that hasn’t been the case. He’s been awesome so those home runs will get there once he has a chance to settle in.

“I’m not here to put up crazy numbers or any of that stuff,” Bryant said. “I’m here to win. Maybe at previous levels, you’re trying to get here so you feel the pressure to put up good numbers. But here it’s all about winning and that’s what I’m all about, too.”

So, either the Brewers/Cubs series was the turning point of the season and how the Cubs will finish the year or if they can rebound against the Cardinals and dictate who has the best chance to win the division and quite possibly, cross your fingers…

I’m not even going to say it in case a farm animal comes walks in my backyard and eats all the grass.

“It’s Major League Baseball, and you can’t keep a team down too long — even some of the teams struggling the most will find a good game here or there,” Maddon said. “We’ve all been through it.”

Believe it.

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