Cubs Growing Pains Continue and Alex Rodriguez Proves He’s Irrelevant

Chicago Cubs Jake Arrieta

The great thing about baseball is that the season is long. 162 games is a lot of baseball to be played and enough time for the Cubs to make up ground. Yesterday, the Blue Bears fell to the Redbirds 5-1 and even though the Cubs couldn’t get their offence going, it really had a lot to do with the well oiled machine of the Cardinals.

“They’re playing extremely well,” Jake Arrieta said of the Cardinals. “We caught them when they’re hot. We play them enough, we’ll be able to return the favor. We just need to be ready next time.”

Don’t forget that it’s still early in the season and now is the time for the Cubs to make those necessary adjustments. It’s a learning process. Kris Bryant hasn’t hit his first home run yet, but that doesn’t mean he is downing other things to help the team.

“He’s faster than you think and he makes good decisions and he doesn’t assume anything,” manager Joe Maddon said. “He just plays the game. He went from first to home [Wednesday] because he thought he could. He’s gone first to third several times. … He really runs the bases like you’d want everybody to run the bases.”

For my money, give me solid base running anyway over home runs. Not that home runs aren’t a spectacular sight to behold, but the excitement and thrill of running those bases is what’s going to win ball games.

So, what should have been a key series kind of faltered and didn’t end up the way the team wanted. They’re 6 1/2 games back of the Cardinals but I think the growing pains of the team will work themselves out soon.

“I like what I’m seeing out of our guys a lot, not a little bit,” Maddon said. “The pitching will come together. The young hitters will start figuring this stuff out. I could not be happier with the group.”

Now, I wanted to touch briefly on the Alex Rodriguez situation of passing Willie Mays. Without pulling any punches, I think it’s wrong for A-Rod to be included in these stats. Sure, 661 Home Runs is a great feat, but not for a cheater. His records should be erased from the books and guys like him and that guy on the Brewers should apologize not to me, not to their family and friends but to the kids. The children who idolize these athletes. These guys are setting the wrong examples by not acknowledging their mistakes. Own up to them. Return the MVP’s, be thankful you still have a career, and wipe clean any records you break, because A-Rod, you don’t deserve it. Think of it this way, if an employee cheated at their job and were caught, they’d be fired on the spot and their employment record tarnished. Why are these players allowed to continue working?

“It’s been a long time since I’ve had a curtain call,” Rodriguez said. “I didn’t know what to expect from the fans. I can tell you this, I wish I could go out — and I can’t — and thank every fan personally for not only the way they treated me tonight, but the way they’ve treated me all season. It’s certainly fueling the way I’m playing.”

Read that quote again and tell me what’s wrong with baseball. Shut up Alex.

Believe it

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