Chicago Cubs Bang Four Home Runs Against Brewers

Chicago Cubs Jorge Soler

The Cubs needed that win against the Brewers last night. They needed it badly. During their 7-6 victory, there were some very special things that happened but the most important thing was the four home runs by four different players. Anthony Rizzo, Starlin Castro, Dexter Fowler and Jorge Soler.

This is the kind of play that the Cubs will continue to improve on which is kind of what was happening at the beginning of the season when they were finding ways to come back and win. This is good too because it’s showing the kind of depth that the Cubs have so not only do they have the ability to come back in games, but they can fire off home runs from all the players.

“That stuff ‘under the hood’ really matters a lot, and we did a lot of ‘under the hood’ kind of good stuff tonight,” Cubs manager Joe Maddon said. “That’s what we need to do to win. Now, we need to get our bullpen in order and then we can take off. If we keep playing with this kind of effort nightly, I’ll accept it.”

Listen, expectations are high this season, we all know that. Are they high because of the talent on the team, or are those expectations high because finally, after a number of losing seasons, are the Cubs finally able to compete with the other teams? There’s no denying that the Cubs were outmatched during the Cardinals series. It didn’t mean they didn’t play well, but it showed that Anthony Rizzo, at 25 is the veteran and leader of the young Cubs squad. The takeaway from the Cardinals series is to learn what the club did, see how the Redbirds played and use it.

“After having seen everybody, I feel more confident,” Maddon said, in his first year in the division. “I really believe that we compete with everybody very well. Again, we have not played up to our capabilities yet and we’re still in a decent spot, in decent shape I think overall. Quite frankly, before the season began, if you’d asked for this record on this date, a lot of people would have bought into it and said, ‘I’ll take it.'”

Believe it

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