Cubs Montero Gets HR in Loss.

Miguel Montero Home Run

It was pink bat day yesterday as teams across the league honour mothers and wives on Mother’s Day but the Cubs fell to the Brewers in extra innings, 3-2.

Miguel Montero continued to be a secret weapon for the Cubs as he bashed his fourth home run of the season but as the bullpen woes continue, the Cubs lost a chance to gain some ground against the St. Louis Cardinals.

“Obviously, it’s a special day, it’s Mother’s Day, and nothing makes you feel better than hitting a homer for your mom or your wife,” Montero said.

I think it would also have been special had they have won. An odd interference call in the tenth against David Ross was a little questionable. There was no intention on his part, his elbow just got in the way. Ah, umps!

“If anybody thinks I was trying to injure anybody or play dirty, I definitely would never try to do that,” David Ross said. “But I’m going to play the way I know how to play, and go in hard at second and try to break up double plays. That’s the way I was taught to play the game. I respect the game, I respect their team, I respect the umpires, but I definitely was surprised.”

So, the Cubs are now facing another tough opponent in the New York Mets. Jon Lester has started to turn his season around and he gets the start tonight.

It’s going on the middle of May and have the Cubs lived up to their expectations? I think so. They’re a much improved team than last season and with a roster chock full of rookies, they’re bound to have their ups and downs. As we all know, baseball is a marathon. Teams have to stay close in the pack, but know when to get hot and jump out into the lead. I have a gut feeling that the Cubs are going to turn the corner in mid July. They’re young and Joe Maddon is a great manager and able to see opportunity with the guys. The best is yet to come.

Believe it.

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