Bleachers Open and Welcome to Wrigley Field, Kris Bryant

Wrigley Field Bleachers

Even though the Cubs beat the New York Mets 4-3 last night, the look of frustration was clear to see on Jon Lester’s face as he picked up his third win of the season.

There were a lot of questionable calls but they were close and rightfully called by the ump. So, it seems that Jon Lester has finally hit his stride and all the cash that the Cubs invested in him is finally paying off.

“I think Jon’s just fine,” Cubs manager Joe Maddon said. “I see him getting better every time out. … Give him a little bit more time as he builds into this thing. I like what I’m seeing.”

Now, I’ve also mentioned that the Cardinals series was an important one but I’m making amendments to that by saying every series will be important until they can catch even with St. Louis. It’s funny but in many ways in other years, the Cubs didn’t have anything to lose but this year is different. The Cubs may or may not go all the way and that’s all right, but we know they’re a stronger team and there’s more pressure to win.

Weird, eh?

Lester’s not the only Cub making tracks, Kris Bryant sent a souvenir home with a fan by hitting his first home run at Wrigley Field. I’m sure there’ll be many more to come.

So perhaps now that the bleachers are open, who knows it’s like having that extra man on the team, could we see a winning streak?

“Any time time you look out there and there’s not the same hometown crowd, and as hectic as they are and as fun as they are, it’s been kind of a bummer not to have them,” Chris Coghlan said.

The Cubs are in tough now. They’re getting better but should have won that series over the Brewers. When I say this could be a turning point, I mean that taking a series against the Mets and then they face the pirates on the weekend, it’s a great opportunity to gain some ground and perhaps secure a wild card spot for the fall.

Hey, the bleachers are open, Bryant hit his first home run at Wrigley and Lester is 3-0 in May. All is good.

Believe it

One comment

  1. Minoring In Baseball · May 12, 2015

    Great game by the Cubbies. Good to see Bryant’s first dinger at home, and Lester continue to pitch well. Definitely should have won the Brewers series, but they still have plenty of time to move up the standing.


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