Cubs Jake Arrieta and Kris Bryant Steal The Show

Chicago Cubs

The mark of a great pitcher is not how many batters they strike out, but how deep they can go into games. Although Jake Arrieta didn’t get a complete game in last night’s 6-1 win over the New York Mets, he pitched in eight innings. It’s a rarity to see pitchers go deep into games, but when they do, it’s a beauty. However, no matter how good a pitcher’s performance is, they have to thank their catcher.

“The last thing I want him to do is be thinking and thinking and then you have to make the pitch. I told him, ‘Let me do the thinking, and you just worry about making the pitches.” Miguel Montero said.

That’s exactly what Arrieta did, striking out ten batters but it wasn’t just Arrieta’s performance on the mound that got the job done, Kris Bryant continues to impress(If we weren’t all ready impressed). He did it all on both sides of the plate beating a Dan Murphy throw to reach first base but got a triple on another play.

“He’s a baseball player, man,” Joe Maddon said. “That’s the thing right there — that’s what you want, you want baseball players, a guy who plays the whole game and understands the concepts of offense and defense, and offense includes baserunning. Why is it so difficult to respect 90 feet?”

Why is it so difficult to respect 90 feet? Because Kris Bryant hit a home run in the bottom of the eight inning to put the Cubs up 6-1

“The home runs are beautiful, but how about the pick at third base? That was a great play,” Maddon said. “This is the second time he’s beat out a routine ground ball in a week. He’s hit balls very far. But he’s a baseball player. Everybody’s talking about this guy as if he’s just a power hitter, but he’s a baseball player and a very good one.”

The scary part is that Kris Bryant is only going to get better. What I like about him is that between Anthony Rizzo and Kris Bryant, they’re playing well and forming that Dynamic Duo. Let’s just not call them the Bash Brothers, Ok?

Believe it.

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