Cubs Continue their Winning Ways

Chicago Cubs

The Cubs have made it five in a row yesterday by beating the Pittsburgh Pirates, 11-10 in twelve innings. Matt Szczur chipped the ball up with the bases loaded but Gregor Polanco tripped and well, there you have it.

“We really should have put that away earlier,” Cubs manager Joe Maddon said. “We played really well today. Don’t be deceived, we played really well today. We didn’t pitch well, but we played a good game of baseball. I’m really happy with the way we played, whether it was the at-bats, the hitting, the defense, the baserunning, everything. It really would have been a sin not to have won that game based on how well we played.”

The Cubs are closing in on the Cardinals at four games back.

“I told myself, ‘I’ve got to do it this time,’ and I ended up doing the same exact thing,” Szczur said. “I was like, ‘You got to be kidding me.’

The Cubs are in a good spot right now, winning five in a row and their come from behind style of play is suiting them well. Today is going to be a tough one as Jon Lester faces Gerrit Cole. Lester is looking like the pitcher that the Cubs had in their plans. He’s 3-0 in May and facing a Pittsburgh team that’s only faced him a few times.

“We’re having fun. We don’t quit. We go up there and never give it away.” Starlin Castro said.

So Chicago, we’re making our way to your windy city. We’ll be arriving today from Flint and then we’ll get settled in. We’re looking forward to it but just hope the rain stays away. We’re thinking of ordering pizza tonight, any suggestions on the best pizza in town?

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