Cubs Get Dealt A Lesson By The Padres

Chicago Cubs vs Padres

Apparently the rust is still there during their travel day. The Cubs were outmatched by the San Diego Padres despite two home runs by Dexter Fowler and Chris Coghlan. The Cubs should have won that one and now are 4 1/2 games behind the Cardinals.

“We gave them that game, we should’ve won that game,” Jason Hammel said. “Everything we did tonight, there’s no way we should’ve lost that game.”

The perils of a young team will be shown throughout the season, there’s no question about that. When the Cubs win it’ll be streaky and when they lose, it’ll be rookie mistakes. That doesn’t mean they don’t have a chance competing, but their probable destination of a wild card spot will be close because teams like San Francisco will be able to catch a young squad.

“If we’d just caught the ball tonight, we’d have won that game. We’ve given too many games away this year, whether it’s pitches by the bullpen — tonight it was defense. We have to tighten it up all the way around. That’s how you stay hot.” Joe Maddon.

That says it all. For a team like the Cubs, they have to be able to fire on all cylinders. Sure, some great teams have gotten by on great offence and great defence alone, but for the Cubs, they don’t have the experience to not be able to work both sides of the plate. The good news is that Joe Maddon and his team of coaches have done an amazing job in keeping everything light but oiled like a machine.

On a side note, the Cubs moved Welington Castillo to the Mariners for  RHP Yoervis Medina. Much has been said about Castillo and I liked him but I think there wasn’t any room for the guy. He needed a change of scenery. He wouldn’t have gotten any playing time in Chicago under David Ross and Miguel Montero.

So, as we wake up early in Flint Michigan and have a quick breakfast at Rotten Ronnie’s, we can’t wait for the next time we visit the Windy City and check out a game.

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