Cubs Get Bitten and Another Starts Tee-Ball

Chicago Cubs

This isn’t a rebuilding season for the Cubs. Not even close. It’s more of a relearning season and even when the team loses like they did yesterday to the Diamondbacks 4-3, the team still wins.

When guys like Paul Goldschmidt goes 5 for 10 and knocking out two home runs, the Cubs take away a .500 record from an always difficult western road trip.

“Go .500 on the road and take care of business at home, you’ll end up in a pretty good spot,” Jason Hammel said. “We keep playing these tight ballgames and sooner or later, they’ll go our way. We continue to battle. You really can’t shake your head. We played good baseball.”

They did play good baseball. Miguel Montero and Chris Coghlan each hit home runs as if to prove that the Cubs are a much deeper team than those young guys that we keep talking about but it was the play of Goldschmidt that did in the Cubs.

“It’s always fun playing against the top players,” Rizzo said. “He’s all around, he steals bases, he plays good defense, he grinds every single at-bat out. He’s one of my favorite players to watch, for sure.”

Speaking of favourite players to watch, my son starts Tee-Ball tomorrow. Last week, he ran the bases at Wrigley Field. That picture says it all. If anyone ever disputes the impact of baseball, this is what happens when kids run the bases at Wrigley. He took off like a road runner, his four year old feet skimming the dirt while Respecting 90. Yup, Joe Maddon should have scouted him.

I hope that the Kid gets the number 99 (because 100 is too big for the shirt), he wants to hit more home runs than Anthony Rizzo and of course, he just wants to have fun. All last week, he told everyone that he ran around the bases and stomped on home plate after giving Clark the Hi-Five. He was pretty proud of himself. This picture was taken just as he came off the field and I asked him if he liked running the bases. He jumped up and down and reenacted the home plate stomp.

Oh, and Rizzo, that voice you heard last Sunday against the Pirates was, “Go Rizzo Go”

Believe it.

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