Cubs Playing With The Big Boys

Wrigley Field

The Cubs started a home stand against the Washington Nationals yesterday but fell 2-1. Kris Bryant recorded his sixth home run of the season and the similarities between the two teams are staggering. Both Bryce Harper and Bryant are old friends.

“When we were younger, we used to call him ‘Silk,’ ” Bryce Harper said about Bryant. “He was so smooth with everything he did. He played third. Played short. Played a little outfield when we were younger. Pitched of course. He always hit very well. He’s a great talent. I’m excited for him.”

Look at the Nationals now? That’s the position the Cubs would like to be in a few years. The Cubs are playing a better team and that’s a good thing. Cubs fans would love a championship on the North Side but that’ll come. What they would love now is to see brilliance of Bryant, the leadership of Anthony Rizzo, the burgeoning power of Jorge Soler and hopefully a maturing Starlin Castro. I’ll take that for now.

It was a close game and that’s where the Cubs need to be. They need to just not keep up with the better teams but play them like it were the playoffs. I still maintain that the Wild Card spot will not be unachievable. The one run games that the Cubs have played this season proves that.

“Both sides pitched really, really well today,” Joe Maddon said. “That’s what I’ve been talking about. … Both sides pitched really well. It was a great baseball game. Outstanding. Entertaining. We just have to figure out how to win those games. I will take our effort, take our performance, and also my takeaway is we’re as good as anybody we’ve played so far. I’m also enjoying that about it.”

The last few seasons have at times(all right, most times) been really bad baseball. This season hasn’t been the case. Just about every game, the Cubs have had the opportunity to be the better team and in a few games, been the better team. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve never been a fan of, “Well, as long as they’re entertaining.” No, this isn’t Tee Ball. We expect the team to go out and win every single game. You don’t get fruit boxes after winning the World Series. I never see Anthony Rizzo sucking on a Freezie.

Nope, the Cubs should win the division this season.

Believe it

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