Cubs Hendricks is The Professor

Chicago Cubs

Here’s an interesting series coming up against Kansas City. Not unlike the Washington Nationals series where the teams were filled with the youngsters but the similarities of base running between the Royals and Cubs and their approach to the game is pretty darn close.

The Royals are at the top of their division so the Cubs have their work cut out for them.

As mentioned before, I’m a huge fan of Kyle Hendricks. The lanky pitcher is on a bit of a role recently and I think he has the potential for greatness. He doesn’t have much heat on his pitches but he can really pick the batters apart. It’s awesome to watch him. He struggled at the beginning of the season but it goes to show you how confidence can play into baseball and perhaps, life in general.

“There are times you’re lacking confidence,” Hendricks said. “When I don’t have that command and know exactly where it’s going, it’s hard to have 100 percent confidence out there. You can’t lie about that. Once I was able to put together that good game and show myself, ‘OK, it’s back. I have my command back; I can put it where I want it,’ then confidence comes hand in hand with that.”

I see big things for “The Professor”

“It’s fun talking baseball with him because he gets pitching,” said Jason Hammel, 32. “He is the epitome of a pitcher. His stuff plays, it’s not overpowering, but what he does with it makes him a dominant force.

Everybody by now is busy getting their votes in for the All Star Game coming up this summer. I’m one of those few that love the All Star game. It brings out the best in baseball and unlike other sports, it doesn’t necessarily turn into a circus side show. However, what I don’t like is the fan vote in portion of it. Maybe they should change it up and allow one fan vote in per league. I want to see the best of the best when comes to the mid summer classic and the best should only be there at the game. Go by statistics only. Period.

By The Way, if we’re going by stats, Bartolo Colon is second in wins.

Believe it

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