Cubs’ Hammel puts on a Show in Miami

Chicago Cubs

The one pitcher that doesn’t get enough attention here at the Canuck Cubbie is Jason Hammel. I don’t know why that is because man, after last night’s pitching clinic in front of a sparse house in Miami, Hammel sent 11 batters back to the dugout with shame, confusion and a feeling of,”They didn’t teach me that kind of stuff in Little League” moments.

“I told him that I didn’t know I threw that many pitches,” Hammel said. “He said, ‘You looked better there at the end than you did at the beginning. That’s why I left you out there for so long.”

It was that performance that helped the Cubs embarrass the Marlins 5-1. Oh, and by the way, Anthony Rizzo was out at home, in case there were any arguments.

Starlin Castro, I owe you an apology, although I still think you need a change of scenery, that was a pretty awesome home run you dinged out in the eighth inning, keep it up and you might just get voted into the All Star Game.

“Even though he’s been in the league many years, he still has a ways to grow defensively, and he’s going to grow,” Joe Maddon said. “We’re going to help him grow, and I’ll stand by this guy. I think he’s awesome. By the end of the season, you’re going to see him making all those plays.”

The thing that bothers me is that no matter how many RBI’s the kid gets or home runs, after six years, he’s still making those same mistakes. I don’t like it and they’ve got to decide what to do with him.

Tonight’s going to be an interesting game because following Jason Hammel’s performance comes the Professor, Kyle Hendricks. One run in sixteen innings, folks. Did I not say this kid is awesome a few posts ago? Yeah, that’s what I thought too.

The Cubs are five games back of the Cardinals but the Pirates are gaining ground. Yeah, yeah I know it’s only June but the Cubs are playing good ball and you know, if Milwaukee wins this series it creates a good opportunity because the Cardinals will play the Dodgers next and the Cubs will face the Nationals. They played them hard last time out.

Believe it.

One comment

  1. Gary Trujillo · June 2, 2015

    He stinks….believe it.


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