Cubs and Tee Ball

Ron Santo Chicago Cubs

The Cubs certainly kept it interesting but the Miami Marlins spoiled their bid at another win by downing the Cubs 5-2. However, nobody can fault the Cubs on their base running. First off, I’m a true believer that this is the area that games are won and in this case, lost. Baselining greats like Rickey Henderson was arguably the game’s most entertaining player. His record of 1406 stolen bases will never be broken. You can quote me on that.

But as in Addison Russell’s case, sometimes it’s better to be patient.

“I’m aggressive on the basepaths. I don’t think it was stupid or a dumb play at all,” Russell said. “I’m trying to get to third and put my team in a better position to win. But next time I have to keep my head up and make sure I pick up third-base coach [Gary] Jones and we’ll keep the ball rolling.”

Ah yes, rookies.

In what was the early game of the evening in case you had missed it, young Darcy Gauthier played in his first Tee Ball game last night and absolutely crushed the ball. However, it was short-lived as the Orange team fell to the Green team in a score of it doesn’t  matter.

Even though his defence left much to be desired when it consisted of grass pulling and ball chasing, it kind of resembled the play of the Cubs the last few years.

Seeing all the kids playing Tee Ball was fantastic. This is where some of their baseball dreams begin. Whether it’s just to pass the time between school years or to fulfill practice for bigger things,  team building, popsicles and good summer fun is all it’s about.

“Daddy, can I have a freezie ?” Gauthier said when asked what it was like to play in his first not so major league game.

There you have it. Remember parents, at this age there are no scouts, no draft picks and no statistics(Thank God!) It’s all about the Freezies and the fun.

Although after the game when we were walking back to the car, Darcy stopped at the batting cage and watched as some kid destroy the leather of the rubber. I asked him if he’d like to do that someday.

“He hit it far, Daddy”

Believe it

One comment

  1. Minoring In Baseball · June 5, 2015

    Way to go, Darcy!!!! Tee Ball is the best and purest division of this great sport!


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