Cubs’ Hammel Brings The Hammer

Jason Hammel Run

The Cubs tried to comeback but instead fell to the Reds in extra innings 5-4. Jason Hammel admits that his day was off but man, can he run.

“I was just out of sync today,” Hammel said. “I wasn’t on top of the baseball like I have been, and it cost me a lot of deep counts and basically I battled for five innings. The fact we had a chance to still be in it and win was nice because it could’ve been a lot worse.”

Hammel must have been taking pointers from David Ross and collected an RBI single but not only that, he took off running when Addison Russell received a double.

“It felt like five minutes,” Hammel said of his dash. “I thought I was flying, and then I watched the video. I felt everything was moving really fast, and it wasn’t. I needed an oxygen tank after that.”

Ok, now does anyone remember last November when Joe Maddon upon his hiring, stated that:

“In my mind’s eye, I am going to be talking playoffs this year.”

Of course you remember him saying that. It was like the parting of the red sea and water into wine. Um, maybe not.

Well, now’s the time we should start preparing for the playoffs.

“When you’re playing with the ring in mind, you’re not necessarily just trying to develop guys,” Maddon said Friday. “When you have a group, which I believe we do, which is capable of more, you make adjustments or movement in the course of a game that tells the rest of the group, ‘I realize somebody is doing better and somebody is not doing so good.’ It’s about the group right now.”

I believe the Cubs are playoff ready. I’m going to tell you this right now and it’s not a negative Cubs fan statement but they’re not going to catch St. Louis. No, No, No,No.

They might. However, it’s a long shot and they have to start stringing together the kind of wins that the Blue Jays are doing over in that other League and unless they do that right now, those mighty redbirds are going to poop all over our beloved Cubs.

Believe it.

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