Cubs Castro Does It Again

Chicago Cubs

Whew! After Jason Motte’s stellar inning to get out of that 0 outs bases loaded road jam of an inning,it was left to Starlin Castro to pull out the game changing heroics as the Cubs beat the Big Red well, they’re not exactly a machine anymore but the Cubs beat them 2-1 in extra innings.

Yeah, Cubs fans love to pick on Starlin Castro for a lot of reasons, but I have to give the guy his due. He hit that walk off with authority and kind of made this Cub fan at least, a little more of a believer.

“It’s not like he thinks he knows it all — believe me, he does not come across that way one bit,”Joe Maddon said. “He’s going to keep getting better. He’s an easy target, he’s got a big target on his back, but he’s going to get better.”

I’ve been quick to criticize the now veteran. Geez, it’s been five years since he’s been in the league but don’t get me wrong, I’m not about to jump on any Starlin Castro bandwagon just yet, despite his 11 for 36 in the last handful of games. He’s got a long way to go just yet.

Now, Joe Maddon knows Starlin just a bit better than I do but I think he could be misguided when he says that Starlin is not a “know it all” it could be a little passive aggressive on Joe’s part or I could be wrong. To me, there’s a difference in the “Know it All” department when it comes to Starlin’s approach and let’s say Anthony Rizzo’s and a Kris Bryant way of playing.

Anthony Rizzo carries himself with the necessary leadership abilities that will make him a Cooperstown candidate whether the Cubs make the World Series or not. He’s confident, not cocky. His swagger at the plate is intimidating without showing up the pitcher. He not only Respects 90, he respects the other dugout.

Kris Bryant is the consummate rookie. He knows his talents and doesn’t give into the lure of the swing. That’s poise, Ladies and Gentlemen.

Mr. Castro is good. He’s a talented SOB. However, sometimes he just doesn’t get it. Yeah, he came through last night and the night before but I’m closer to Cooperstown than he is.

That you can Believe.

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