Cubs Give Cheers to Blackhawks

Hockey Chicago Cubs

So, before I begin this post, let me congratulate the Chicago Blackhawks on their Stanley Cup victory. Well done, lads!

It’s been a long time since the Cubs won a championship, so we’ll have to settle for a hockey trophy on the pitcher’s mound before last night’s game. A game which the Cubs succumbed to the Indians 6-0

“I’m just frustrated with myself for the inability to overcome some of the walks and make some pitches,”Jake Arrieta said. ” I just got beat tonight.”

“It’s just one of those nights,” Cubs manager Joe Maddon said. “It just seems like the day after an off-day, we lose 6-0.”

Yeah you did, but Kyle Schwarber joined the Cub’s lineup and is expected to make his MLB debut tonight. Even though he had one at bat last night and struck out, tonight should be his shining moment.

“I was surprised I wasn’t as jacked up as I thought I’d be,” Schwarber said. “It is the same game I’ve played for years. Just a lot of people there.”

It didn’t matter about last night’s defeat. It was all about the Blackhawks moment. That shining destiny team that could be a precursor to what’s in store for the Northside ultimate underdogs. Up here in Canada, hockey’s a big thing. A very big thing so it was a pleasure and a thrill to see Anthony Rizzo tip his cap to Jonathan Toews and the Hawks. If you don’t believe me about the sanctity of hockey, please feel free to ask @JimDeshaies about the Montreal Canadiens and the religious overtones of Les Habitants in Quebec.

Chicago is in good hands with Anthony Rizzo if a guy like Jonathan Toews can captain a team like the Blackhawks to victory. Two great captains in one great city. Wow!

Believe it!

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