Kyle Schwarber Turns it Up a Notch For Cubs

Chicago Cubs

As Kyle Schwarber continues his torrid pace, one thing is for certain and that is he is the real deal. Even though the Cubs lost to the Indians in a hard fought 4-3 decision, Schwarber garnered his first major league home run. I would love for him to continue his baseball journey this season. I’m almost positive that his bat would be a great addition to an all ready impressive lineup but the hard reality is it ain’t going to happen…yet.

“I’ve just looked at it as a good opportunity to get my feet wet and just take advantage of what I’ve got put in front of me,” Schwarber said. “Not many people get to the big leagues, and now I’m in the big leagues. What am I going to do? Just be happy and complacent that I’m here? No, I’m going to go and try to take advantage of an opportunity.”

It’s no secret that a life in the majors is a lot more challenging than what sometimes appears and Kyle Schwarber will make it sometime but just not next week.

Last night’s loss was tough because to tell you the truth, those Cleveland Indians are not looking too good at the moment. Now, I don’t hate any team out there. Love em all! Ok, I’ll admit those Atlanta Braves irk me just a little. I don’t know what it is about that team but that Cleveland team needs improving and the Cubs should have beat them.

“I’ve got to set a better tone early,” Hammel said. “That’s two outings now that I’ve given up first-inning runs. And it’s all coming down to the fastball command. The walks start to rise a little bit because I’m pitching up in the zone with the four-seamer. I’ve got to get the fastball down that the knees. That’s the bottom line right now.”

There’s the rub. I’m a firm believer that it comes down to that top half of the inning when the pitching sets the tone of the game. Jason Hammel led the troops out onto the field at Progressive and couldn’t get a toe hold on the game.

So is there an inkling of an opportunity we might see Schwarber in the lineup after next week? Pretty Please with sugar on top and I’ll throw in a cherry?


Say it ain’t so Joe.

Believe it

One comment

  1. Mark Gauthier · June 19, 2015

    As a side note, Kyle Schwarber reminds me of Babe Ruth. I am therefore nicknaming him the #SultanofSchwab


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