Cubs Have A Castro Conundrum

Chicago Cubs

I’m a simple kind of guy. I brew my own beer, enjoy my coffee in the morning with our fantastic Cuisinart(grind my own beans and hardly ever go to the coffee shops) and of course, I love the Chicago Cubs.

Starlin Castro is a much more complex guy than I’ll ever be. You know where I’m going with this don’t you? If you don’t, let me fill you in. Starlin Castro could have had an easy doubly play but instead he bobbled the ball and gave up two runs. The look on Kyle Hendricks face, well I just can’t repeat those kind of words.

“That’s bad, that’s really bad,” Castro said. “That’s the kind of mistake that can’t happen. It’s really embarrassing. I apologized to my teammates. That’s not supposed to happen. I don’t have any excuse. That kind of thing can’t happen again.

The Cubs went on to lose a really horrible game 7-2 to the Twins.

So you see when everyone was calling Starlin “Walk Off” earlier in the week when he got the game winner twice in a row, this was the caveat I warned about. That’ s Starlin being Starlin. Ok, I have to apologize. I shouldn’t be talking bad about Starlin because I really don’t want my son doing that to anyone. It’s just not setting a good example. Sorry Starlin, I know you’ll do better.  The trade deadline is coming up Starlin. Be aware.

“He’s still relatively young — he is young, not even relatively. We have to keep working on that. That’s why you have coaches and managers. If these guys were perfect, they wouldn’t need us. I really like the kid a lot and I know nobody feels worse than he does right now. He made a mental mistake, but beyond that he had a nice night.” Maddon said.

Yes, Castro wasn’t the only player that didn’t play well after all, baseball is a team sport. Kyle Hendricks under performed giving up 11 hits in a handful of innings.

“They came out aggressive and I just wasn’t making pitches and just didn’t have it today,” Hendricks said. “It was one of those days and hopefully I can just let it go quick and move on to the next one.”

Now, there’s a reason why Anthony Rizzo is the Cub’s leader because yesterday he took the cover off of the ball and sent it into the bleachers twice. That’s what a leader does in a losing cause and that’s why Rizzo is going to the All Star game.

I’ve also come up with a nickname for Kyle Schwarber, Don’t you think that he resembles Babe Ruth? Well, here it is “The Sultan of Schwarb”

Believe it


  1. Compwhiz 3001 · June 20, 2015

    Castro seems desparate to prove that he is a net zero to his ball club. Time for the club to leverage their plethora of middle infield prospects and find an old-style Cubs sucker willing to trade Castro for an arm or two.

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