Cubs Arrieta Pitches a Masterpiece

Chicago Cubs

One of the true factors in determining if a pitcher is worth his salt is whether he pitches a complete game or not. Just like Wayne Gretzky’s famous quote,”The more times you shoot on the net, the more times the puck will go in” Or something really close to that can apply here. The longer a pitcher pitches in a game, the likelihood they’re going to win.

Congratulations Jake Arrietta on your complete game. Cubs 8 Twins 0

“I got better as the game went on, and a little more comfortable and found a really good tempo and timing with my delivery,” Arrieta said. “I was pretty crisp with everything.”

Another indication of how well a team performs occurs when the top of the order gets the job done as well. Hats off to Dexter Fowler on a grand slam in the 8th inning.

Sure, it’s easy to say that and you’re probably saying to yourself that it’s a no brainer that a team will win if these guys do their job to perfection but I believe that too many people rely on the Anthony Rizzos and Kris Bryants to get the job done and yet, it’s  these little things that can take the wind out of the other team. Personally, I love those complete games. Fantastic because it’s that kind of game that’ll shake opponents in their boots come the playoffs. Yeah, a pitcher can pitch 2/3 of a game and still come up with the win but I’d imagine there’s no greater relief and pride to be there on the mound through those nine innings and walk away with a victory. Almost like Picasso walking through an art gallery looking at the fans admiring his work.

Speaking of Picasso, Anthony Rizzo who is an artist at first base is poised to play in the upcoming All Star game. Yesterday, he connected with his 15th home run of the 2015 campaign. Is he the best in the league? Perhaps.

“It’s remarkable to watch him every day. I know there are other really good first basemen and it’s probably the most loaded position there is, but what he’s done is remarkable. I’ve not seen it in person.” Maddon said.

Believe it


  1. Gary Trujillo · June 22, 2015

    Picasso NEVER went to his own openings! 🙂

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