Cubs Find Out That Life Isn’t Fair

Chicago Tribune

You know the old saying of “All good things…” Well, last night the Cubs winning streak did just that at four games. It was bound to happen and that was all there was to it. The Dodgers roughed up the Cubs 5-2  but take solace that there were a couple of amazing plays and highlight reel standouts.

Anthony Rizzo’s outstanding double play to get Andre Ethier and toss it to first to get Yasmani Gandel out. It was pretty sweet.

“I got to the ball and I kind of heard Ethier mutter something, and that’s when I knew I was able to tag him,” Rizzo said. “I looked at the replay, and I guess he paused to not get hit by the ball.”

The game ended when Chris Denorfia tried a risky move after he hit the ball off the left field wall and attempted to run to second baseball was called out. now, it was in the ninth and I could see Denorfia’s reasoning behind running to second but when the game is on the line, I think the safer move by staying at first would be the logical play.

“It’s not a smart baseball play,” he said. “It’s something I know not to do, to get thrown out when we’re trying to put an inning together. A lot of things went good for them. It didn’t matter — I shouldn’t have gone to second.” Denorfia said.

However, it appeared that Denorfia was safe by an arm hair but the Umps disagreed after it went under review.

“To say it stands is not a really cool way to go at that particular moment with the game on the line, and it was obvious from that one shot that [Denorfia] was absolutely safe, no questions asked,” Joe Maddon said. “Right now, I’m curious if you need more than one confirming opinion in regards to making the change, becuase that might be the worst non-overturn I’ve seen at this point.”

So, whether he should have gone to second with the game on the line or if it was the right call by the umpires, baseball is a cruel game which can leave heads being scratched all over the nation. Chris Denorfia was a hero one day and another, well that’s just not fair.

Believe it.

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