Cubs Clawing Their Way To The Top

Chicago Tribune

It’s hard to argue that with yesterday’s double header victory over the St. Louis Cardinals on home turf, the Cubs might have reached a turning point in the season. There’s no doubt in my mind somebody in that locker room after last night’s victory turned to the other guys and said, “Let’s win it all”

The afternoon game saw the Cubs down the Cardinals 7-4 but what’s impressive is kinda what the Cubs have been doing all season long which is coming from behind. They played like the deserved to be in the post season. No more was the feeling of,”Yeah, we’re improving.” that was long behind. By beating the best team in baseball in a double header, the Cubs are for real.

“With all due respect, I do feel we can play with anybody; I really do. We have to prove it, though. We can talk about it. Talk is very cheap. It’s about your actions. For me, and for us, I feel strongly about our group, but we’ve got to prove it.” Joe Maddon said.

From Chris Denorfia’s unassuming at the plate discipline to Anthony Rizzo’s 16th home run of the season, the afternoon game had it all.

Let the duck puns fly during the second game which saw the Cubs defeat the Cardinals 5-3.  No matter how good of a team the Cardinals are, when any team makes an error, the better team will know when to catch them and take advantage. That’s exactly what the Cubs did proving that they not only want to make to the post season, but like in those Cubs Conventions in January which Anthony Rizzo promised all of us,

“We’re going to win the NL Central. Quote me on that,” Rizzo said. “We should be the team, with all due respect to every other team, they’re just as good talent-wise, but we’re going to do some things this year. That’s what we’re expecting. That’s what we’re putting our sights on. We’re not going to accept anything else.”

“With us, it’s really rewarding to watch our guys battle through the whole thing; it’s entirely a team effort,” said Cubs manager Joe Maddon. “All those little things pile up.”

If you don’t believe it yet,

Believe it.

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