Cubs Look Forward To Second Half

Kris Bryant Chicago Cubs

Now that the 86th All Star Classic is under wraps for another season with the American League winning 6-3, Let’s shift focus to the second half of the season but first, Kris Bryant has to make the case for one of the coolest and sweetest moment in the Home Run Derby.

As Cub fans know, Kris’s Dad was pitching to him. There was a point during the At Bat when Mr. Bryant got distracted and the cameras caught Kris cupping his hands and yelling,”Dad, Dad!”

A very tender moment.

Now, the second half:

The Cubs are a very strong team. They’re young, talented and hungry. However, there’s a little thing called the TRADE DEADLINE which is coming up soon. So, where can the Cubs improve and what is needed going forth into the second half?

Closing has been an issue. The Cubs have been uneven. Could they utilize Edwin Jackson a little more? Is Jason Motte the guy?

For me, the Cubs have been good enough.  However, I believe the Cubs can be better and potentially snag top spot in the Central.

You think I’m crazy. Insane perhaps? The Cubs are only eight games back of the Cardinals but the Red Birds have lost three in a row. Now, the surging Pirates have found their groove so it won’t be easy.

Here’s what I’m thinking. The second half rides almost entirely on Lester’s shoulders. He has to get his head back in the game. The hopes and dreams weren’t about the young Cubs. We knew that they were going to have to find their footing. no, it was their ace Jon Lester that was going to lead the way and provide that “lights out” kind of feeling.

There’s also a chance that Kyle Scwarber could make another appearance behind the plate with the unfortunate injury to Miguel Montero.

“There’s the old thing about a different bus driver every night — I kind of love that,” Maddon said. “When a team is going well, you talk about how every night there’s a different hero. That’s what you’re looking for, because you don’t want to lay it on one guy. For us to get this thing done, we’ve got to spread it out.”

Who’s going to be that hero?

Believe it.

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