Teatime For Cubs

Chicago Cubs

Let’s just skip the first game, shall we? There’s always something exciting about a doubleheader, especially when it occurs almost as simultaneously as the second game. You see, it’s the equivalent of a complete day of baseball.


Ok, ok. The first game saw Kyle Hendricks strikeout nine batters. It can almost be whittled down to just one weird game. The Cubs lost 9-1 in the first game.

“Weird is a good word for it,” Hendricks said of his outing. “Honestly, I’ll be the first one to tell you when I don’t make good pitches, but I thought I was throwing pretty well, even from the first. Some bad breaks, I mean it wasn’t my day. Really wanted to get that one, especially with the great win we had last night. Trying to keep that momentum going, but not much you can do about it.”

Yes, he was talking about Tuesday’s victory which saw the Kyle Schwarber go yard twice.

Now let’s shift to the second game. The one run game. The down 5-0 comeback to beat the Reds 6-5 kind of win. There’s also that guy Taylor Teagarden with the hit to give the Cubs the victory.

“Every win is huge,” Teagarden said. “We started the first half right there in the hunt and we realize what’s at stake here in the second half. Everyone is in it for the same reason. We are here every night to win the game and it seems like you get different contributors every night.”

Maybe that’s the secret to the Cubs this season? It’s not a one man show, but when you have Schwarber, Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo back to back in a lineup. Wow, that’s some pretty potent offence.

Speaking of Bryant, he had the game off but pinch hit for David Ross. You can almost see Aroldis Chapman salivating at Ross but soiling himself when Kris Bryant comes up to the plate.


“How about KB coming up off the bench like that, early in the game being ready for the moment? That’s pretty spectacular,” Joe Maddon said. “A lot of guys wouldn’t be ready for that moment, but he was.”

Trade Rumour

As the trade deadline approaches, there’s a hot rumour that Tiger’s Ace David Price could join the Cubs as a rental. It makes sense in so many ways and he has a history with Joe Maddon. Stay tuned.

Believe it.

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