Bryant Bashes One For Cubs

Chicago Cubs

There’s a caveat to last night’s victory over the Colorado Rockies 9-8. The Cubs bats came to life in a huge way with a huge fourth inning which saw them gain six runs. It was fantastic. Hit after hit and a run through the lineup. In many ways, that was the Cubs team fans were promised during the offseason. However, what looked like a runaway victory almost escaped them in the ninth when the Rockies pulled ahead 8-7 but if it wasn’t for the slumping Kris Bryant with the heroics and the walk off homer, who by the way, yours truly kind of predicted.

“The last three or four games, I’ve hit five or six to the warning track and that’s obviously frustrating,” Kris Bryant said. “I believe in baseball gods and I believe they pay you back, and I guess I got one today. It worked out for us. It was a really good win, that’s for sure.”

That’s for sure, indeed. To say that the Cubs needed that win badly is an understatement. Sure, it’s easy to say that it was an important win, much like every victory this late in the season, but after the Phillies frustrated the Cubs with a sweep, the Cubs have to do the same to the Rockies before heading into a series against the Milwaukee Brewers.

“It’s such a flip in the standings and where you’re at and what you’re thinking mentally — it’s all that stuff,” Joe Maddon said of the comeback win. “When you’re losing games late, that’s the most difficult to recapture or get back from that particular moment in the clubhouse. The fact we could take one back, everybody will walk in feeling a whole lot better tomorrow.”

One person who will have a better feeling in the morning is Starlin Castro. He was the chief architect in the fourth inning with a two run single putting the Cubs ahead. It came after a dismal July which saw Castro batting a paltry .139

He could still be with the team after the deadline.

“We were in a competitive race for the postseason a week ago, two weeks ago, and we still are today,” Theo Epstein said. “We’re just in a little bit worse position. That shouldn’t surprise anybody that we’re going to have some down stretches as well. It’s our job to pull ourselves out of it.”

Believe it.

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